• Understand the health and wellbeing profile of employees in terms of lifestyle, clinical indicators, mental health, stress, and other areas of concern
  • Establish positive attitudes to health among employees
  • Understand how wellness facilities are being used, and how effective they are in improving employees’ health
  • Employees receive their own personal and unique health report. Companies only receive aggregate de-identified employee data.
  • Compare your company with other participants
  • Boost business performance by increasing productivity and attracting the best talent


In Australia, in 2017, we will assign awards to workplaces across three categories, healthiest workplace, healthiest employer and healthiest employees. There will be one winner and highly commended awards for each category.


1. Organisational Health Assessment

A 20–30 minute on-line assessment designed to understand how your workplace is supporting employees to be healthy.

2. Employee Health Assessment

A 12–15 minute on-line assessment that employees complete, generating a personal report including AIA Vitality Age, key lifestyle and health risks, and suggestions for improvement.

3. Organisational Health Report

A comprehensive report for employers outlining the health of their workplace. It also provides practical suggestions to support employee health and productivity.


Consultation between your HR team and our workplace wellness expert to provide recommendations for future wellbeing strategies.


Taking part is free. You will receive a report detailing the health of your organisation, and every employee who takes part will also receive their own Personal Health Report featuring their unique “Vitality Age”.

We will also give you promotional materials to encourage your employees to take part and you will be guided throughout the entire process by our team of dedicated experts.

Simply register and we will send you regular emails and updates to let you know what you need to do and when.


The registration is open to 31 May 2017. Australia’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality reserves the right to limit participation and/or change the closing date for registration.

Employees can complete the survey by 30 June 2017. Results will be available and the winners recognised in September 2017.

Once your organisation has registered to take part in Australia’s Healthiest Workplace, you will receive full details of the process, as well as links to the online assessments and supporting communications to help you engage and encourage your employees.

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